Looking for inspiration to prepare Zander, Trout Caviar or Trout? On this page we will share our tips and advice - from filleting the whole fish to showing how others prepare luxury seafood products from AquaPri. We will continuously expand and renew the page with recipes and video films from restaurant kitchens who have our products on their menu.

Zander Sashimi (Pike Perch)

150g Zander (Pike Perch) fillets from AquaPri
(no skin and bones)

4 tbsp. rapeseed oil
2 tbsp. lemon juice (fresh)
1 tsp. sugar
½ tsp. salt
1 tsp. dill (fresh/dried)

10-20 g trout caviar from AquaPri
Lemon wedges

Shake the sauce ingredients in a plastic bag, making sure that the sugar is completely dissolved in the sauce. 

Cut the zander fillets into thin slices, cutting across the fillet (2-5 mm.). Arrange the zander slices in 4 servings and drip with the sauce. Decorate with trout caviar, lemon wedges and – if possible with sprigs of fresh dill.

Serve this amazing appetizer/starter immediately or keep it refrigerated for a short time until serving.

Blinis topped with trout caviar


- Blinis, 6 pcs / 24 pcs
- Trout caviar, 50g / 200 g
- Sour cream (min. 18% fat), 50g / 200g
- Chives


1. Defrost the caviar before use.
2. Heat blinis a few minutes in a preheated oven.
3. Top the blinis with sour cream and trout caviar.
4. Decorate with chives and serve immediately.

Variations: Add chopped onion or a slice of cold smoked trout.

Amazing Zander (Pike Perch) menus


Preparing butter fried Zander (Pike Perch)

Watch the chef from Aarøsund Badehotel preparing butter fried Zander (Pike Perch).


ZANDER (Pike Perch)

- barbecued whole with orange & herbs:

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ZANDER (Pike Perch)

- butter fried fillet:

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