• Seafood Expo Global 2014

    - AquaPri will be at the exposition
    in Brussels 6 - 8 May

     We look forward to seeing you at
    stand 126 in hall 5.

AquaPri specializes in sustainably farmed fish and caviar of hand-picked luxury quality for global niche markets.

We have full control over all stages of the farming process – from egg to adult fish – in our technologically innovative systems.

Proudly associated with

HjerteforeningenKraeftens bek

Land Farmed Salmon

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Atlantic salmon from full scale indoor recirculated farm
AquaPri co-owns, and supplies sustainably farmed salmon from, the world’s only full scale indoor recirculated salmon farm. Read more.

Latest News

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Langsand Laks in TV news
The Langsand Laks salmon farm was featured in a regional news broadcast on 21 March 2014. AquaPri is co-owner of the plant, and supplies the fresh salmon. Click here to watch the 10 min. clip (in Danish).

Our Markets

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Click the map to see where we sell our products
Thanks to the high quality of our products and our strict quality control, fish and caviar from AquaPri are welcomed throughout the world. Read more.

Construction of New Plant

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Follow the development of our new pike perch plant
AquaPri is in the process of building a brand new 10-million-dollar pike perch plant. You can follow the development of this project here.