• Bremer-messe 2016

AquaPri specializes in sustainably farmed fish and caviar of hand-picked luxury quality for global niche markets.

We have full control over all stages of the farming process – from egg to adult fish – in our technologically innovative systems.

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 The pike perch’s new home

Billede fra profilfilm

The new pike perch plant in Gamst
Gain an insight into AquaPri’s new pike perch plant, which is the world’s biggest pike perch RAS plant with yearly production of 700 tons. Click here to see the film.

From a Norwegian perspective

PP head

AquaPri Old Danish
(a Danish aquavit)
It is always interesting to hear your own story from others. The Norwegian fish magazine “Norsk Fiskerinæring” has elegantly described AquaPri’s story. Click here to read more.


The core business is the base

Sandart i skiver

How is the adventure possible?
The pike perch is a lesson about what is needed to take the liberty to carry out a good idea which turned out to be a fantastic success. (the article is in Danish) Click here to read more.

FHC China 2015, Shanghai

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Exclusive visit at our stand
November 11-13 last year we participated at The 19th International Exhibition of Food and Drinks 2015 in Shanghai. We thank all our visitors for visiting us, and a special thanks to the Minister for the Environment and Food of Denmark, Eva Kjer Hansen.