Trout Caviar

– safe and sustainable for a global taste

Trout caviar made from quality trout roe

From roe to caviar

When our trout are slaughtered, the roe is carefully harvested by hand, and the process of making caviar begins right away.The fresh trout eggs are taken from the roe sack, and the membranes are removed.

Depending on our customers’ wishes, the eggs are now salted and treated to meet a number of quality criteria, before leaving the processing plant, ready for consumption as caviar.

Exquisite flavour, perfect texture and a beautiful orange colour. These are the qualities that make trout caviar from AquaPri unique, and among the finest in the world.

As the largest producer in Denmark, it is of utmost importance to us, to always supply caviar of the very highest quality to our customers.

We are therefore very proud that most of our caviar is sold to Russia and Japan, countries which both have long traditions for supreme quality seafood.

Through many years of work with roe and caviar at our facilities in Southern Denmark, our specialists have developed methods to ensure that we always obtain exactly the quality that we are looking for.

This also means that we are able to custom-make caviar just for you, based on your specific wishes.

We see it as our core competence to meet your individual demands, and to handpick the quality you require.

Are you interested in learning more about our trout roe and caviar? Then contact our sales department.

Fresh trout roe processed to Sujiko
Every year from November to January, Japanese specialists work at our processing plant in Årøsund, producing sujiko for the Japanese market from our high quality roe.


Unprocessed "green" trout  roe is packed for transport

Green roe
We also sell the fresh, unprocessed trout roe called “green roe” to those of our customers who prefer this. This is typically sold frozen in 22,5 kg cartons.