– handpicked from pure Danish waters

AquaPri is one of the largest trout farmers in Denmark, and we strive to keep improving our product, in order to handpick the quality you require.

The trout are hatched at our inland farms, where they spend the first months of their lives. The controlled environment of these farms gives us the opportunity to ensure the very best conditions for their on-growing.

When they are about two years old, most of the trout are transported to  our sea farms in the clean coastal waters off Denmark.

Here they spend another 7-8 months, until they have reached just the right condition for harvesting. By then, large well boats carefully transport them live to our own harvesting facility in the town of Årøsund near the German border.

A large trout from AquaPri being handpicked

Click the video, to see how our trout are carefully transported from the inland farms to cages in the clean Danish sea. 

Harvesting station

The trout are  slaughtered in accordance with our strict quality and food safety schemes, to ensure the highest product standards.

We base our production on HACCP principles and are regularly controlled by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

Our production
In AquaPri we produce more than 6.000 tonnes of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) per year.  Most are harvested as large trout in the months November-January, almost 3 years after spawning. At that time, they have typically reached a size of 3-5 kg.
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Quality farmed trout from AquaPri ready to eat
Quality farmed trout from AquaPri ready to eat