Pike Perch

– Danish luxury the intelligent way

As the only company in the world, AquaPri has developed a method to make pike perch spawn four times a year. This gives us the unique opportunity to supply fresh pike perch to you whenever you require it.

We are very proud to be able to offer fresh farmed pike perch all year round, especially as we can guarantee a top quality product every time. This is also why top restaurant chefs have come to prefer our farmed fish to the wild caught.

The mild, delicate flavour of our fish, combined with the firm and tender texture of the meat, makes pike perch from AquaPri an obvious choice in luxury seafood.

Farmed zander from aquapri
AquaPri controls the pike perch life cycle 100%

AquaPri Innovation
– world leader in pike perch research
Thanks to our innovation department, AquaPri is now able to control the difficult process of multi-seasonal pike perch hatching, as the only company in the world.

About pike perch (Stizostedion lucioperca)

Pike perch have long bodies with small and narrow heads, and large dark glassy eyes. In nature, they mainly live in lakes throughout Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Each year the catches of the wild pike perch are gradually reduced while the individuals become smaller, and in some lakes the species is gradually becomming depleted. Read more here (external link).

New pike perch plant.

AquaPri has invested USD 10 million in a brand new pike perch facility in Denmark. It is situated at Haugaardsvej 4b, 6600 Vejen. The plant was inaugurated officially on April 1st, 2016.


Fresh farmed zander from AquaPri ready to eat

Pike perch has an incredible delicate meat structure, and is highly appreciated all over Europe.

It is mainly sold as a luxury seafood delicacy in top restaurants.