Food Safety

– the highest level in the world

The HACCP principles used in food safety control

High levels of food safety is cruzial to our production strategy, and it is an area where we never compromise.

In AquaPri, we have been very much aware to implement a food safety programme which is in accordance with both HACCP principles and the strict Danish legislation.

A central element in our strategy is a severe traceability programme, where we trace the fish through the entire supply chain, from egg to the final product.

We only use our own brood stock which gives us the opportunity to control our pike perch, trout and trout caviar all the way to the selling point.

Inspection records publicly available

The Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries carry out several inspections of our production facilities every year. The records are all made publicly available on the Ministry’s official web-site.

In AquaPri we welcome this initiative, as it gives our customers the opportunity to see for themselves that we live up to the strict Danish food safety legislation.

Earlier in the year we obtained the ASC certification.

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Approved for sushi

Our level of food safety is so high that, unlike most wild caught fish, our fresh pike perch can be used for sushi.

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The world’s highest level of food safety!
The University of Saskatchewan regularly publishes a world ranking  for food safety performance. Here, Denmark scores highest overall, ahead of Austraila, The UK and Canada.
Read the full report here.

Denmark = food safety

High standards of safety in the production of Danish food give both customers and consumers confidence that every possible effort has been made to deliver safe and nutritious food.

In many cases, Danish food safety legislation exceeds that of other EU Member States – with full support of the industry.