Our People

– the right people for the job

In AquaPri, we are very careful to handpick the right people for every single position in our organization. We are proud of our skilled and dedicated workforce which is absolutely central to our success with high quality products.

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Independent and dedicated
To most of our people, working in aquaculture is more than just a job. It is a way of life.

This is reflected in a strong dedication to their work, and an ability to work independently, which is a cornerstone in our way of operating.

Modern fish farming is a specialized field which places high demands on our employees’ knowledge.

To ensure that they always have access to the most recent knowledge, they all take part in our extensive educational programmes within their respective work fields.

As important as a formalized education is, there are still things that can only be learned through experience, especially when you work with live animals.

And in AquaPri, we are lucky to have one of the most experienced workforces in European aquaculture.